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Exciting New Hobbies II: Hot Air Ballooning!

I was never good at sports when I was a little girl. Always the smallest, always last picked, always first out. Always feigning injuries…

It’s weird: I was terrified of the fast pitch but never afraid of heights. Send me parasailing or put me on a plane, and I am the happiest girl in the world. Force me onto the playing field, and I still cringe.

If only Lewes Middle School had a hot air ballooning team, I used to dream, I would have been the coolest kid in town.

So Marching Band it was…

Seriously, though, how cool would it be if you could get your varsity letter in Hot Air Ballooning? And travel with your team to all of the best ballooning spots in the world?

I’d do it in a second. And here’s where I’d go:


1. Tropical Queensland

In Mareeba, Australia, the sun shines at least 300 days a year…

Imagine waking up every morning to an 85% chance of clear blue skies?

Or even better—floating into a seamless horizon as the sun rises over northeastern Australia?

This hot air balloon excursion begins in Cairns and will take you drifting over the lush greenery and fertile agricultural plots of the Atherton Tableland (famous for its food and wine trails, including a mango winery… yummmm…), landing just in time for a freshly prepared tropical breakfast at Tjapukai Cultural Park.

You will then continue your sky high journey on the world’s longest cableway as you coast through the jungle and above picturesque, rushing waterways.

End your day by basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

2. East Africa

“Wings Over Kenya” …it doesn’t get much more poetic than that. My next ballooning destination of choice would definitely be the Masai Mara Game Reserve (also discussed briefly here), which boasts an abundance of lions, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, hippos, leopards, and, for the lucky adventurer, wildebeasts!

What better way to experience this world famous wildlife refuge than to soar above it with the vultures, marabous and pygmy falcons?

The ballooning segment of the safari ends with a “bubbly bush” champagne breakfast…most intriguing…

3. Angkor Wat

Only from far, far above can you come close to understanding the historical presence of Angkor, Cambodia, which was the largest pre-industrial society in the world!

On an awe-inspiring balloon ride over the remains of Angkor Wat, you will behold the powerful legacy of the Khmer Empire from a truly unique vantage point. An architectural masterpiece, the remaining, towering temples exude the religious and political purposes that they once served.

Fly Away!

Hot Air Balloon Tours

If you are aching for a new hobby (or want to pitch a “Diversity in Athletics” campaign to your school), I can only hope that you will indeed consider the exciting past time of…

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  1. comment by: Chris Bond on Jun 07 at 15:33

    I read about the hot air ballooning in Cambodia. We are trying to do this on June 27th but cannot find any that are not tethered. Help

  2. comment by: Clayton Roberto on Apr 17 at 06:19

    That's a really sound allocation about Hot Air Ballooning and very truly this has been becoming one of the most exciting new hobbies to everyone. Thanks

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