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Mama Mia! Mania: Behind the Scenes in Greece

“(I would) fly to the beautiful Greek Isles, to a quiet marina, where I could introduce my wife to the boat that would take us island hopping – sailing from fishing village to fishing village…local ports fringed with tavernas…seafood washed down with the native wine whilst the blood-red sun kisses the Mediterranean sea `good night’…”

– Fred Harper, ‘Perfect Holiday’ Contest Entrant

Sparkling blue water, rugged coastal terrain, sailboats, sunshine, serenity, and fresh seafood (mmm…..)

…not to mention a strutting, overall-clad Meryl Streep, a feisty Julie Walters, a singing Pierce Brosnan, a glowing Amanda Seyfried……and, of course, a non-stop ABBA marathon.

Who’s seen Mama Mia! And doesn’t want to go to Greece?

I’m always skeptical of movie renditions of musicals, but, in this case, the big screen certainly exploits what the West End can’t: the absolutely breathtaking scenery of the Greek Islands.

Behind the Scenes in Skiathos and Skopelos

Just over a year ago, Streep, Brosnan, and the rest of the multi-talented Mama Mia! cast were staging 1970’s ABBA mayhem on remote islands of the Aegean sea…

It’s time to follow in the footsteps of the stars (and as well as the imagination of our contest entrant Fred) on the following tours:

1. Romantic Sunset Cruise in Skiathos.

If you’ve seen the film, it’s impossible not to imagine yourself as a blissful, young bride or groom to be, sheltered from the realities of the world on a little Greek slice of paradise. The amorous atmosphere of the Sophie’s dream island wedding lingers on the island of Skiathos, where a Calypso fishing boat awaits the next pair of lovebirds that desire a taste of Aegean seaside culture, music, cuisine and scenery.

The Skiathos ‘Music and Moonlight’ Sunset Cruise departs Tuesdays from 15 May – 15 October and is the perfect romantic outing for the adventurous duo. Indulge in freshly prepared island cuisine, feel the rhythms of the traditional Greek folk music, and dance your way into the sunset…..

2. Tour of Skopelos

Explore the magnificent setting of Donna’s infamously ‘rustic’ hotel—‘the greenest island in Greece’—by embarking on the Sporades Island Hopping Tour, which includes a stop at ‘Kalokairi Island’, or rather, Skopelos!

Your adventure will begin as you board a boat in the harbour of Skiathos, where some of Mama Mia’s most lively scenes were created. Coast across the sparkling Aegean until you arrive at what was, just under a year ago, the central hub of ABBA action—where Pierce Brosnan’s flip flops are now on display…and where the film’s fairytale church, Agios Ioannis, juts out over the sea on a magnificent, towering rock formation.

Your day will end with a stop at neighbouring Alonissos; you will return to Skiathos in time for a relaxing sunset meal.

Mama Mia! Here we go again…

May your romantic, island hopping adventure leave you ‘stranded’ at an isolated taverna…complete with a staff that breaks out into spontaneous song and dance…

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  1. comment by: Cathye Moreno on Jul 28 at 20:45

    Mama Mia the movie. My family and I would love to visit the exact hotel where this movie was filmed. How do I locate this hotel? Is it on Skiathos or Skopelos? We have never been to Greece and we can’t wait to come visit. Thank you for your assistance. Cathye

  2. comment by: Lillian Goss on Aug 28 at 04:53

    Okay, we are ready for that Mamma Mia trip to the Greek Islands, we want to visit the church, the hotel and dance on the pier!!!!

    When and how do we book?

  3. comment by: Carrie Daniel on Aug 29 at 14:50

    We offer a tour that is not specifically branded a “Mama Mia!” tour but that goes to the island of
    Skopelos, where much of the filming was done. Here is that tour:

    Also, you might find this website helpful in planning your itenerary:

    Lillian, would you like to submit a report from your trip? That
    would be great fun! Do let me know.

  4. comment by: Helen on Aug 31 at 18:44

    I am going to Skiathos in October 3rd. I was wondering if i can book the Mamma Mia tour from there… please help me?

  5. comment by: Kathy on Oct 06 at 14:29

    After 20 years of marriage we were trying to decide on the perfect trip to celebrate & this is it! The movie was superb & the location could not be more perfect. Help me find a good deal, please.

  6. comment by: Ester on Oct 20 at 06:50

    Hi there, I am planning to go to Greece with my family and we want to book Mamma Mia tour on December.
    How is the weather on December? Thank you.


  7. comment by: LH on Mar 03 at 21:12

    As seen in the behind the scenes DVD, all the scenes on ‘top of the hill’ in the movie, the hotel is an in studio made-up place the only places that were really Greece were a few of the singing numbers like Winner Takes it all (with the church), Dancing Queen and Lay All your Love on me. And some of the views.

  8. comment by: Sydney Hotels on Oct 08 at 15:24

    I really love Greece most specially Santorini. Really a very beautiful place. I just seen the place thru the internet and thru the movies. I really wanted to go there personally and check it out how great the place is.

  9. comment by: Rouna on Apr 21 at 14:23

    hey please help me i am planning the anniversary and want to go to mamma mia places i checked the net and the trave gencies arent very clear can u suggest me a good travel agency to plan it? pllllllllllllllzzzz

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