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We’re funny (usually), controversial (sometimes) and insightful (always!). Our travel experts share their experiences below in hopes of hearing back from YOU. So read, comment and enjoy!

Romantic Dream Getaways

Ok, so I’ve learned a thing or two about our loyal readers and customers after plowing through some of the recent ‘Perfect Holiday’ contest entries…

Namely that you are a bunch of sappy romantics!

Seriously, though, we’ve received some descriptive and inspiring responses to our call for entries (to win a £500 isango! voucher), many of which I will posting on the blog in the coming weeks. To keep up with the competition entries, just select the ‘Perfect Holiday’ tag under ‘TOPICS’ on the right hand side of the page – we will be posting entries frequently.

Today’s Topic: Romantic Getaways.

OK lovebirds, I’ve done some research in response to your *heartwarming* descriptions of paradise.

Your entries, my suggestions….here goes!

1. ‘SILVER SMILES’, by Diane Russell.

“Toronto is a place I would love to see – all that colour, the lights flickering across the waters. Flying in a helicopter across Niagara falls…imagine the spectacular view!…WHY, you ask? Because the 20th of August 2008 is our Silver Wedding Anniversary. 25 years…WOW, that sounds like a long time.

( – Indeed!)

But I can honestly say, with my hands on my heart, that he is the man I always want to be with. We have a partnership, we share, and we work together to achieve our goals. LOVE is the word.

( – Awwww, how sweet…)

Romance in Toronto – this would be an experience of a lifetime…warm beaches…just our kind of paradise – the ultimate romantic escape for the perfect Silver Wedding destination. To be able to indulge ourselves in luxury…just closing our eyes and dreaming about the perfect week vacation…our perfect romantic getaway…”

Niagara Falls View

OK Diane, that’s quite a tall order – your 25th Wedding Anniversary! I’ve come up with a few activities that seem to meet your criteria:

1. Helicopter ride over Niagara Falls

Diane, this exhilarating flight over the Falls will provide you and your hubby with all of those magnificent views that you have been dreaming about! (You also may want to consider the Evening Light Tour of Niagara Falls).

2. 30,000 Islands Scenic Cruise

In response to your comment about ‘warm beaches’ (which, I must admit, I was initially confused by as I have never been to Toronto!), after some research, I discovered an island hopping excursion that sounds absolutely amazing…

The Miss Midland 30,000 Islands Boat Cruise departs daily from Midland, Ontario (which is just a scenic coach ride away from Toronto). You can explore one of the most scenic parts of Lake Huron, the Muskoka-Georgian Bay. The protected islands of this region can only be reached by boat and are supposed to be spectacular…

And on to our next entry…

2. Untitled, by Joy Lontine.

“I wake up to jungle sounds and sun streaming in an open window. Pour myself the perfect cup of coffee and step barefoot onto the deck which overlooks azure waters in the Caribbean Sea. I take a walk with the love of my life down to the palm tree lined secluded beach, picking the perfect ripe mango off a tree along the way. He and I slice the mango which is still warm from the sun and have the perfect breakfast. We board a small boat which is equipped with our scuba gear and take it to a secluded cove where we dive in warm, crystal waters. After an afternoon of diving and napping on the sands, we return to our bungalow then set out for a night on the town with the locals. We dine on succulent lobster which has just been caught that day. We dance barefoot to steel drums enjoying our mojitos. After enjoying a glass of champagne under moonlight, we kiss goodnight and anticipate tomorrow!”

Joy, have you ever considered the Florida Keys? I’ve visited them several times with my family—the islands are all quite beautiful, and if you do some good research, you will be able to find the secluded little resort that you have your heart set on.

And, from Key West, you can take this Caribbean Cruise, which similar to the one that you described (I have been on a snorkeling trip from Key West myself – it was amazing!)

You can choose from either a day snorkeling outing, which includes the equipment, or a ‘Champagne Sunset Sail’, which includes the booze… (or do both!).

Your dream vacation sounds very plausible and affordable.

Good luck!

More Romantic Getaway Ideas?

Send in your wildest, most imaginative holiday ideas (here), and we will attempt to match your requests with some exciting tours and excursions.

Dream big!

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