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What Sarah Palin missed when she (apparently) saw Russia from Alaska.

Nome, Alaska is about as close to Russia as you can get and still be in the United States.

Although I never saw Russia while I was there, Sarah Palin suggested that Alaska’s proximity to Russia gave her some insight into foreign policy issues.  Well, I was there, hoping to see Russia’s Coast, or Putin. As I stood at the shore of the Bering Sea, I was disappointed that I did not see either.  But the view from the Alaskan coast was, nonetheless, breathtaking!

Bering Sea Alaska

As I walked though the town, I saw something better:  a quaint bush village full of history, native Alaskan culture, and the end of the 1049-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Nome Alaska Boats

Nome is a unique dot on the map, where people can still make their living by prospecting for gold. The village is surrounded by mountains, and you can only get to Nome by plane. There are no roads leading there.

Mountains in Nome Alaska

Even if I never saw Russia (or Palin…or Putin…), I feel lucky to have been to one of the most remote villages in the United States of America.

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  1. comment by: Carrie Daniel on Oct 30 at 10:50

    Great post, Sarah! And beautiful photographs. ;)

  2. comment by: Jordan Lorah on Oct 30 at 15:45

    Sarah, maybe if Putin reared his head, you would’ve seen him. :)

  3. comment by: oli on Oct 30 at 16:35

    Alaska, what an amazing state! Fascinating Picutres too! Did you see any eskimos, polar bears or moose? Forget Sarah Palin….Sara Berl for Vice President!

  4. comment by: Carrie Daniel on Oct 30 at 17:46

    Sarah Berl for VP! Yes!

  5. comment by: sberl on Oct 30 at 18:59

    I accept your nomination! I believe that after visiting Nome I have a better understanding of how to run this country!

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