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Humorous Videos and Facts about Sarah Palin

After reading Sarah’s recent post about her search for Sarah Palin’s view of Russia in Alaska (quite funny and includes some beautiful photos of Nome, Alaska) I realized that I have been a bad citizen: I should have been posting more information about the US election all along. I suppose I was avoiding jumping on the media bandwagon – this election has been nothing short of a circus. And after all, this is a travel blog!

With the election just days away, I figure, why not join in on the Palin-bashing fun while I still can…I have thus spent the last few hours scanning through humorous videos and interesting facts about Sarah Palin, but, of course, everything has been done…and overdone.

Nonetheless, I present to you some of my favourite Palin-tastic clips and links. So click away, but you must promise to go through all of them!

1. The ‘Sarah Palin Rap’, as performed on Saturday Night Live.

OK, so I could not resist linking to the following clip, which is a bit dated yet still absolutely hilarious. Please, please, if you haven’t already, watch the SNL ‘Sarah Palin Rap’, as beautifully executed by Amy Poehler. You won’t be disappointed, I promise:

“All the mavericks in da house put your hands up…”


2. The ‘Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator’

Inspired by the governor’s colourfully-named offspringTrack, Trig, Willow, Bristol, and Piper(yes, these are really Sarah Palin’s kids’ names!) this interactive name translator will make you feel like one of Palin’s own:

If I were Sarah Palin’s daughter, my name would be Mullet Troll Palin. Sexy.

What’s your Palin name? Let’s compare – post below!

3. The Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant Video.

The year is 1984, and the next contestant is…



4. More ‘Fun’ Facts about Palin.

This one is a bit more serious and includes a video of Palin in rifle training…

Basically, I found a blogger that managed to gather all of the, um, ‘fun’ facts about Palin under one roof: his name is Jake Marsh, and his post, ’33 Facts You Didn’t Know about Sarah Palin’, can be found by clicking the following link:

Thanks for doing that, Jake.

Well folks, I hope you have found this post to be entertaining and somewhat enlightening. I must say, I had fun putting it together.

Until next time!

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