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“Where the hell is Matt” is not a hoax

Er…? OK, for everyone’s background, Matt Harding is a guy who admits being much better at travelling rather than coding video games. He’s been traveling around the world for a few years and, everytime, shooting short videos of himself dancing in front of landmark attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Lion of Singapore, from Rome to Delhi, San Francisco or Sydney and hundreds of other cities.

The videos are fun and inspiring for anyone who likes travel and cultures. They can easily be found on YouTube or Google. The latest version from 2008 is an “innovation” as Matt has been inviting locals to dance with him.

On Dec 11th, 2008, at a conference in Monterey, California, Matt has delivered a very funny speech admitting that in fact, his videos would be viral hoaxes and he would have never travelled anywhere. He gives it all away – the why, the whom, the how and even the budget! All fake obviously, and it’s really funny. Here you can view Matt’s fake-confession video.

Enter Web 2.0 – sign of the times, unfortunately the net has played its snowballing effect and within hours, blogs and bookmarking sites have been full of headlines about “Matt videos are a hoax”. Even worst, some bloggers and apparently even some serious journalists have been picking up the headlines without reading the details or watching the videos, thus propagating the “news” that the videos were a hoax.

Fast forward to Jan 7th 2009. MacWorld San Francisco. Can you believe it… Matt had to go up to MacWorld to publicly declare that his hoax confession was a hoax! Here is Matt’s confession that the confession was a hoax.

We at isango! have always been big fans of Matt’s videos, and we never had a doubt about him being really there. It’s simply because of the choice of places, shots, and people. We FEEL that he’s been there, that he has been fascinated by the same places we have seen, and that he has found a fantastic way to give a tribute to the world diversity.

Our small contribution to his art is simply – today – an unanbiguous post about the plain truth: “Where the hell is Matt” videos are not a hoax. Matt – you’re welcome to come and dance with us.

Now, let’s hope our headline gets picked up as well.

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