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The UK and Australia Aim to Re-invent Easter Traditions

Springtime Comes to Britain

Deep into history the day when the cloudy top is lifted off Britain and sunlight finally hits the ground is an epic one. The Saxons originally celebrated this day by munching hot cross buns (bread rolls with crosses on top representing the lunar calendar and the goddess) and dancing in the sun. As Christians arrived on the rain-drenched land mass they brought with them Easter Sunday, the day on which Christian’s believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead. With hot cross buns re-oriented to symbolize The Cross, Christians celebrate the rebirth of their savoir and the rebirth of the earth, spring!

Special Easter Events in London

Today, Britons add yet another ingredient to this pastel coloured holiday, the rebirth of tourist season. Visitors are invited to see an English manor and garden at the regal Kenwood House while participating in a large-scale Easter egg hunt held on the grounds.

The Battersea Park Zoo also offers an Easter egg hunt with treats hidden amongst the animals. Children who dress for the occasion, with bunny ears, are given a free poster to commemorate the occasion. While these events are restricted to children under 11 years, the London Bridge Experience offers gore only for children over 11 and adults. Toss out the eggs and promised sugar-rush for blood and adrenaline on the Severed Head Hunt! This unforgettable twist on a classic tradition is not for the faint of heart.

The Easter Bilby Takes Over

Across the ocean, Australia is also mixing things up as the Easter Bunny looses popularity. The Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation has funded the official take down of the oversized fur-ball. The adoption of the Bunny Rabbit as the bringer of Easter and spring was first established in 16th century German writings. By the springtime of the 19th century there were more bunnies covered in chocolate than fur in Germany and the trend spread. The little fuzzy-tailed delights hopped the oceans to Australia where they destroyed crops. Now, Aussies support the native Bilby as the rightful bringer of springtime. The small marsupial looks like a rat-rabbit hybrid in both flesh and sugar form but brings a touch of patriotism to the holiday. Embrace the new trend and visit Western Australia to search out an endangered Bilby yourself!

UK – Take part in a Severed Head Hunt in London this Spring!

Australia – Search Western Australia for an Easter Bilby!

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