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Dublin, Ireland, We’re Doing it Tourist Style…

Dublin Green at Trinity College - lynq8831

Dublin Green at Trinity College - lynq8831

Well, I’ve officially been in the UK for a week, and it’s already time to go on a holiday. Dublin, Ireland, here I (and a collection of five other American twenty-something’s) come! As if we haven’t had enough tourism our first week in England, its time to give Dublin’s tourist market a try. I might be missing Spring Break in Cancun this year, but who needs the sun and sand when you can spend your holiday weekends travelling around Europe?

We’ll be there for three days, and are already looking forward to a jam-packed schedule of the most fantastically touristy sites possible. At the top of our tourism list:

1 ) The Guinness Storehouse is, of course, number one. What kind of American College students would we be if we didn’t go? Brewing, bars, and beers, oh my!

2 ) St. Patrick’s Cathedral, as if the beautiful architecture isn’t reason enough, we can’t forget that it’s Easter weekend! Maybe this 13th century masterpiece will be beautiful enough to make us forget all about the egg-dying and chocolate eating we’ll be missing back home.

3 ) The sprawling lawns of Trinity College, what better way to banish any homesickness for our own university than to visit another? University of California in Davis might have cows and wineries on-campus, but I’ve heard the buildings here are beautiful.

4 ) The James Joyce Museum, because what kind of proper English Literature major would I be if we didn’t go? I doubt we’ll be doing any jumping into the freezing cold Forty Foot Pool I’ve heard so much about, though…

5 ) …but just in case we do (and you know how tourists on vacation can be) the Old Jameson Distillery is next on our list. A nice glass of whiskey should do wonders for banishing those chills!

6 ) The Christ Church Cathedral, not that all of the beautiful buildings in Europe aren’t already centuries older than anything we’ve got in America, but this is the oldest building in Dublin! We’re talking 11th century old here.

7 ) The Dublin Castle is free to visit (and thus friendly to our rather shallow pockets), beautifully restored, and is even home to the Chester Beatty Library, which contains everything from Babylonian tablets to medieval manuscripts, so cool!

8 ) The Literary Pub Crawl, I don’t think I’ve had a single friend come home from Dublin without doing this tour. An award-winning pub crawl complete with acted-out scenes from some my favorite Dublin writers (James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and more) sounds like just my cup of, beer.

9) The National Gallery of Ireland, our trip can’t be all about writing and drinking, now can it?

With most of these sites available via the Dublin Hop on Hop Off Tour (yay!) we might all manage to make it home with both feet still attached! And with all of us packing into one small hotel room, maybe our weekend won’t be so far off from that Cancun trip after all…

If you want to do all of this and more, check out the 2, 3, or 6 day Dublin Pass for admission to over 30 of Dublin’s most popular sites, or book the Dublin Experience for the full must-see Dublin package tour!

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  1. comment by: Sally O'Neil on Apr 07 at 17:53

    Can you really see all those things in just a few short days? This sounds wonderful! Look forward to reading about the trip!

  2. comment by: Danne on Oct 13 at 08:20

    To Sally – the good thing about Dublin is that it IS possible to see the whole city centre in a few days. Heck – it is even possible to get around most "must sees" in a day if you're in a hurry. Better though to take your time so you have the luxury to pause in the fantastic pubs of Dublin! I have collected a few tips as well at

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