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Yes, I Know How to Walk.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in London (well, hopefully there’s been more than one) it’s how to walk…Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “she seriously doesn’t know how to walk?!”

Stop worrying.

I’m not talking about one foot in front of the other, step by step, here to there walking. No, I’m talking about some serious perambulation (aka touristy walking around as much of a city as you can get your hands on). Hey, we’re tourists, and we don’t want to sit in the back of a taxicab, we want to explore!

Ready to take a ramble? -

Ready to take a ramble? -

In Davis we bike or bus, and usually it’s just to get from destination to destination. If we really want to walk, we take a hike, and if we really need to get somewhere, we take a car. But here in London, we literally walk everywhere. We walk to the store, we walk to class, we walk to work, we walk to think, we walk to explore, and we get lost and we walk. The first few weeks we here, most of our conversations ended with, “ugh, my feet are tiiiiiiired”, (and this was especially true when we couldn’t seem to figure out the night bus schedule).

In fact, it even came up in a long discussion about all of the short skirts we’ve been seeing. “It’s to show off those great legs they’ve all got”, we marveled enviously. “Must be from all of the walking!” we oh-so-confidently decided. (Well, that or the current legging trend).

And London makes it easy to do the walking. You hop on the tube, you hop off (hopefully) somewhere near your destination, and you then proceed to perambulate your way there. There are always things to see on the way here, shops, parks, houses, and museums continually pop out of the woodwork to keep the journey entertaining, people stop to mock our American accents, and we’re always stopping to find someone (anyone!) to help give us directions home.

So all of this walking has got me thinking about…more walking, and thus I’d like to present a series: “More cities I’d like to wander, explore, lose, and discover in. By foot (and maybe occasionally bus, tube, or train).”

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  1. comment by: Jennifer on Sep 17 at 21:49

    Love this! So true about the importance of walking to really "see" things!

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