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Walking Cities Part 6: Paris

If you’ve missed the introduction to this series, click here. For part 2, click here. For part 3, click here. For part 4, click here. For part 5, here!
City of Lights, indeed - Serge Melki

City of Lights, indeed - Serge Melki

You know a city is great when it’s hard to write an article about. Paris is packed with such a variety of museums, historical sites, restaurants, clubs, bars, activities and parks that it’s hard (near impossible!) to contain them all within a single article. Sometimes guided tours can be the only way to actually absorb all of the history and information going on around you and sometimes even those can be overwhelming.

No proper French film (er…American film set in France) ends without a scene of its main character strolling through the Champs-Élysées. And this, I suggest, is what you do too. Of course, when I go (which is quite soon, yay!) I’ll be spending plenty of my time in museums, shops, and cafés, but a trip to Paris would hardly be complete without this well-captured stroll along the promenade. How often do you get the chance to wander through a 17th century garden-turned-walkway in the “city of light”? I am still a tourist after all.

Fancy a walk? - *Solar ikon*

Fancy a walk? - *Solar ikon*

And, then, maybe once I’m done replaying that final Carrie and Mr. Big scene over in my head for the 1000th time (Sex and the City fans, any of you?) I’ll move on to the real stuff.

For you historical buffs, be sure to tour the Place de la Bastille. Not only was it home to the Bastille prison, but even today it’s still used as a common site for political demonstrations. And take a walk around a Parisian museum, even if you’re not in the mood to wait out the line at the Louvre (it is free the first Sunday of every month!) there are plenty of others to choose from. Check out this article on some of the other local museums. 

Come to indulge in the nightlife? Relive bohemian Paris with dinner and a show at the Moulin Rouge. Glitz and glamour guaranteed!

Either that, or indulge in some wine, or even a wine tasting while you’re there. Strictly for the authenticity of your travels of course, you’ll want to be an expert when the folks at home ask you about it. And judging by the amount of questions I’ve gotten about pub culture since I got here, ask they will!

Lots of perambulating here! - Shaun Garrity

Lots of perambulating here! - Shaun Garrity

Still looking for more? Spend an entire day in the gardens at Versailles, if, like me, you used to be a landscape architecture major. Head to the Eiffel Tower (it’s cheaper if you can bear to climb the steps part way up). See the Notre Dame statues (yes, even a humpback!). Shop your heart out along the famous Arc de Triomphe, or visit the homes of famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior along the Avenue Montaigne. Eat croissants and drink café au lait all afternoon if you like! Really, Paris should be called “the city of something for everyone”. I can’t wait (and neither should you).

Hope you’ve found the inspiration to get on your feet. Now, time to perambulate away!

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  1. comment by: Marion on May 28 at 09:00

    The picture of the Eiffel Tower at night is great too!

    Here are some itinerary ideas for a stroll in Paris:

    A stroll through the Latin Quarter:

    A walk through Montmartre:

    Exploring Belleville:

  2. comment by: Madelyn Taylor on May 28 at 17:56

    Great ideas, Marion! Might even use a view on my upcoming trip to Paris…I’d love to visit the Latin Quarter.

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