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SeaWorld in Orlando

The Shamu Show at SeaWorld

The Shamu Show at SeaWorld (Flickr by BenSpark)

SeaWorld is a theme park situated in Orlando, Florida that features marine life from all over the world. If you are spending a day at SeaWorld there are several sights to see and rides to experience. SeaWorld’s most famous attraction is the Shamu Show called ‘Believe.’ Although I do not go to SeaWorld very frequently it is still one of my favourite parks in Orlando. It is a favourite of mine because at SeaWorld you do not have to rush around.

Shows at SeaWorld

While at SeaWorld there are several shows that are must sees. A popular show at SeaWorld is ‘Believe’ or as it is more commonly known as the Shamu Show. It is an exciting show that features orca whales performing tricks and interacting with their trainers. All of this is choreographed to music. If you are getting too hot in the Florida heat then sit in the splash zone. In the splash zone be prepared to get soaked as Shamu swims around the tank flapping his massive tail! It is a fun way to cool down in the summer sun!

Animal viewing and feeding

Feeding the Dolphins at SeaWorld (Flickr by otzberg)

Feeding the Dolphins at SeaWorl (Flickr by otzberg)

At SeaWorld there are numerous animals that can be viewed. At SeaWorld, you can see a variety of different birds, fishes, sharks, rays, sea turtles, sea lions, seals, manatees, polar bears, penguins, beluga whales, walruses, dolphins, orcas, and many others. All of these animals are stunning to watch and at SeaWorld you can even feed and touch some of these animals. Feeding and petting the animals is my favourite thing to do while at SeaWorld. While at SeaWorld you are allowed to feed the sting rays, dolphins, and sea lions. Although, you can feed these animals you are only allowed to touch the sting rays and dolphins. Even though you have to purchase the fish to feed the animals it is worth it because it makes it easier to touch the animals.

Rides at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is not just a place to view animals. There are four thrill rides at SeaWorld consisting of: Wild Arctic, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, and Manta. All the rides at SeaWorld are a blast. My favourite rides at SeaWorld include Journey to Atlantis and Kraken. Journey to Atlantis is part roller coaster part water ride, in this ride you travel through the lost city of Atlantis. Another ride is Kraken; it is an exhilarating steel roller coaster. Also, SeaWorld has just recently developed a new roller coaster called Manta. I have not been on this ride yet but, I hear wonderful things about it from friends who have experienced it. Just as the animal experiences at SeaWorld do not disappoint, neither do the rides.

Hopefully, this will help you plan your trip to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

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  1. comment by: Dom on Jul 26 at 23:36

    Thanks for this. Been to seaworld in The Dominican Republic and now planning a trip to Orlando.

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