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How to pick the best holiday for you

Different destinations appeal to different travellers for different reasons. We all fall under categories that determine where in the world we may end up. The categories are usually quite simple and obvious in most cases. Are you the traveller who can’t be bothered to do anything but sunbathe? Are you the one who wants to do everything active that every website, brochure, hotel clerk tells you is available? Are you all about culture and sightseeing or just abroad for the hot weather and a fancy hotel?

Destinations will always tell you they have everything but are you really going to go to Marrakech for beach life, The Great Barrier Reef or Uluru for old ruins, or Brooklyn for a taste of the Middle East? No, you’re not. They all have their own magic but it takes a specific type of traveller for each, to bring the magic to life.

For example, you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself walking around Marrakech in your bikini searching for a golden coastline. Marrakech remains popular for the Arabic and French influenced culture, the Sahara, the square of magicians, dancers, snake tamers and night food market at Djeema el Fna and the traditional spa centres where pampering is given a whole new meaning. The city feels like a scene out of ‘Aladin’ so if it’s the beach break you’re after you may want to check elsewhere. Somewhere like the Algarve where the exotic side of Europe comes around in a Portuguese bliss. But not where you might expect to return from with top notch bargains and a new wardrobe. Perhaps save that for a Brooklyn break and tour a concrete jungle where cheap shopping will be priority. But not where you would take your snorkelling gear or trekking shoes. So you get the gist. Know what you want from a holiday before you start your search or prepare to be disappointed and in some cases really embarrassed.

When travelling in groups of people with different interests, it might be worth finding one of those places that really does have it all. Although that could pose difficulties, it’s worth not having to sunbathe with the lads nagging that they’re board, or trekking a mountain with the ladies complaining of sweating and broken nails. Big group travel comes at a price, be ready to pay it wherever you go!

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