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The Amazing Paris Lido show is the top of cabaret

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter the veiled world of the Paris cabaret where it all began? Well now you can!

As many agree the Lido Show Paris is one of the greatest spectacles available in the city of lights and crazy nights out, so join the revelry and give in to the delights Paris has to offer. Perfect for one of those special nights out (anniversaries, birthdays, Saturdays…) dinner and a show at the Lido Show Paris has everything you would expect from a club with a reputation matched only by the infamous clubs of Las Vegas which were born from the tradition of Paris cabaret.

To those who have already taken part in a night at the Lido Show Paris the Bluebell girls do not need any kind of introduction, but for the as-yet uninitiated they are the unique troupe of sparkling diamonds adorning the stage every night at the club on the Champs-Élysée. Accompanied by the Lido Boy Dancers both groups know exactly the fine art of entertaining and enchanting an always eager and enthusiastic crowd.

Named after the Lido beach area of Paris by the Italian founders Joseph and Louis Clerico the name came with high-class connotations and a reputation for fun during the 1920s. They had transformed a well-known if outdated club into a revolutionary venue that invented the concept of dinner shows for the 20th century. They successfully invoked the spirit of the stylish era at the Venice Lido with something new and exciting for the post-war era. Inhibitions were broken down and taboos shattered all in the name of good quality entertainment.

In a glittering and exclusive venue on one of the most celebrated and romanticized streets reside the spectacular Bluebell girls and the Lido Boys dancers who do not fail to seduce a different audience night after night in Paris. One glimpse will convince you that this is more than the seedy and sought-after clubs seen on every street in every major European city. The dignified spirit of the 1920s certainly lives on in every aspect of the Lido show Paris, including the modern lighting, intimate décor and mystifying demeanor of the performers.

There are many packages available for any budget. Combine the night out with dinner or a bottle of champagne, but be sure not to take your focus off the fascinating Bluebell girls.

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