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Posts from January, 2011

Mount of Olives


Traveling is something that we all do and most of us enjoy it. We all travel for different reasons some travel from one place to another for business purposes and some travel as tourist. There are many places in this world where religious people go to visit to see and to feel the old memories of their religion. Muslims go to Makkah and Madina in Saudi Arabia to see the places where the religion Islam grown up. This same goes with other religions as well. Christians goes to Israel, as this is the place where their religion started. For most Christians visiting Israel is just like a dream come true. The Israel is considered to be a holy country for Christians and it is considered to be a good place to renew their faith. It is also considered to be a good vacation spot for most Christians.

Israel and especially Jerusalem holds great importance and significance for Christians and Christians from all over the world come to visit this place. The best thing of Israel and Jerusalem is that it holds all the three famous religions of the world. Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Jerusalem is considered to be a holy place for all these three religions. There are many other attractions as well apart from religious views but most people and especially Christians visit Israel and Jerusalem for religious purposes.

The first place, which a Christian enjoys in Jerusalem, is the Old City of Jerusalem and its four quarters. These four quarters are surrounded with eight gates. Well the Israel possess great importance in this world and especially Jerusalem because of its significance in the three most powerful land huge religions in this world.Christians travel to Israel to renew their faith and to become good person and human being and follow what their religion offers.

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