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London Nightlife: Top 5

“Nightlife” can hold multiple meanings, from clubs and bars to scary night walks, we wanted to share five of our favorite ways to spend our nights in London.

Ice Bar London

If you’re looking for a new way to go out in London, look no further than Ice Bar.  It’s perfect for a special night out since it is completely out of the ordinary.  How is it different? Well, yes, it’s exactly what the name indicates, everything is made out of ice.  moulin-rouge-by-torfo
You might be a little confused as to how exactly that is possible, as I was, but in a temperature controlled room below ground level, the typical London pubs are put to shame as the walls, tables, glasses, and even the bar are made out of ice. Even the clear floors give the illusion that they too are made out of ice, but don’t worry it’s completely slip free surface.

Don’t worry about being cold, as soon as you step inside they have people throwing heavy, insulated, and super warm hooded capes over your head. ice-bar-2 When you’re downstairs you have 40 minutes to take in this spectacular bar before the next group is ushered in.  40 minutes didn’t sound like a lot, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time to take tons of pictures with friends, and you get a complimentary drink with your ticket!

Going to Ice Bar was definitely one of the coolest London experiences I’ve had since I’ve been here and I would definitely encourage both visitors and residents of London to head over to Mayfair and have the chance to look around the eclectic and one of a kind bar.

Medieval Banquet

Nothing says unique nightlife than a Medieval Banquet.  This is meant to make you feel like you’re having dinner with King Henry VIII, and is a really great option for adults and families alike.  the-medieval-banquet
As soon you enter the torch-lit banquet hall, you’ll realize this isn’t your typical dinner party.  Your four course meal is served alongside Medieval entertainment, also known as the Royal Court Show as history is reenacted featuring street performers, knights, and even wenches!

If jousting knights, Tudor-esque performances and medieval songs and dancing don’t sound like your sort of thing, don’t worry because you’re provided with unlimited wine and beer with your meal.  Also, the two hours of theater entertainment is followed by live music, dancing for the guests, and the open bar continues so it’s a guaranteed fun experience for everybody.

Now, with Christmas approaching, you also have the option to attend the Christmas Banquet option, which includes an even bigger meal and much more dancing and entertainment.

Jack The Ripper Tour

I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies, it’s almost like I can’t not look.  I had the same feeling when I saw the Jack the Ripper tour–I knew it would be terrifying, especially since it’s based on real events, but I just had to do it anyway.  So on a cold, dark night I went out and learned about the gruesome details of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

jack-the-ripper_13297_1 Walking down the old alleyways, seeing a haunted pub, and learning about the murders from autumn of 1888, was actually less frightening and more intriguing than I thought.  Our tour guide had such an extensive amount of knowledge of the topic and could answer any questions we had.

So if you’re looking for a thrilling but entertaining way to learn about London’s notorious Jack the Ripper, I highly suggest going on this tour for an easy way to switch up your evenings.

Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound, London’s number one club for house and trance music, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Ministry, commonly known as MoS, was ranked fourth on DJ Magazine’s top 100 Clubs Poll in 2010. There is good reason for this commendable ranking; MoS is as extensive as it is loud. mos1

Within the Ministry there are five main areas: The Box, the Baby Box, the Bar, the Loft and the VIP. The Box is the club’s most famous room, boasting a sprung floor, which allows clubbers to dance on into the night without getting tired, and a specially-built ceiling constructed to contain sound. Dancers are rocked with the beat that pounds out through the numerous speakers positioned around the room. The music is amplified by the psychedelic laser lighting that seems to ricochet off of every surface, creating an almost dream-like effect in the darkly lit Box.

The Ministry of Sound has become one of the leading clubs in global dance music and some consider it to be the only venue that has hosted every famous DJ to date. Every Friday and Saturday night, world-renowned trance and hard house DJs come to spin the night away. The club also hosts disco, funky garage and chill techno.

So come out to the Ministry of Sound some night and discover what the rage has been all about. MoS won’t disappoint.

London Pub Tours

Any visit to London would be incomplete without visiting one of the hundreds of pubs located around the city. Each pub has its own unique feel; whether you are looking for a cosy place to sip on a drink on a cold day or socialise with the locals, the pubs of London are the places to be.

london-pub In his writings, Samuel Pepys describes the pub system as the ‘heart of England’. Indeed, pubs have been the focal points of British society for hundreds of years and continue to hold a special place in the hearts of the people of Britain. The name pub comes from public houses, which are drinking establishments that are most often owned by a brewery. Pubs offer a wide selection of beer, wine, cider and spirits. Pubs are most often used as places to unwind after a long day of work, catch up with friends and sip on one of the local beers served on tap.

Pubs generally have regulars who, as the terms suggests, go to the pub frequently, generally because it is close proximity to their home or it is a designated meeting spot for friends. While in London, feel like a regular by taking a tour of three of the city’s most famous pubs. Sample London’s famous fish and chips and unwind with one of our expert tour guides. When your trip is over, go home knowing you have thoroughly experienced what it means to be a part of the pub culture of London.

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