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Ten Reasons to Visit Bali

“Bali? But why?”

We know you’ve thought about Bali: with those crystal blue waters, wildly raucous festivals and hotel bungalows hovering over the ocean (you know what we’re talking about!) how could you not? Bali has recently been named one of the world’s most prime vacation spots, as well as the isango! destination of the week. Simply gaze at a picture of a Balinese beach and you’ll know why. Still need convincing? Here are ten reasons why Bali should bleep a little louder on your vacation radar:


1. Culture Galore!

Bali has always placed a heavy emphasis on the performing arts, with dance, music and art festivals occurring year round. Head down to a local market and you’re certain to find scores of artwork ready to beautify your home or office. If you aren’t looking for culture-specific paintings or sculptures, you’ll at the very least be endlessly entertained!

2. Relaxation Central

The island of Bali comes complete with hundreds of spas and resorts, each providing a peaceful sanctuary in this already tranquil environment. You won’t have to look far for a massage as inexpensive as £5! Easy on your purse and your back muscles? It’s the ultimate way to unwind.

3. Climate Control

With its close proximity to the equator, Bali manages an average temperature of about 31ºC year round (yes, that’s even during the winter!). Summer is the best time to visit, as the humidity dies down, but we’re pretty sure there’s plenty of “right times” throughout the year to visit a tropical island.

4. Nicknames

Bali has been nicknamed the “Island of Love,” “Island of Peace” and “Island of the Gods.” Need we say more?

5. Picturesque? To say the least!

Name a geographical locale you’d like to see and Bali’s got it. With six volcanoes, four lakes, sloping valleys, deep ravines, lush rainforests, natural hot springs and waterfalls that rise over 100 metres tall, this island is a tropical paradise. You’ll have the opportunity to hike, sight see, splash around or all of the above!

6. Fit For the Silver Screen

Did you happen to catch the 2010 film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s super-bestseller Eat, Pray, Love? Those sandy shores Julia Roberts fled to in order to gain balance? None other than Bali’s Ubud and Padang-Padang beaches! There’s a reason Roberts’s character chose Indonesia, so dive in and see for yourself.

7. Crystal Waters

In 2010, Bali scored a 99.65% in water quality, based upon Indonesia’s environmental quality index. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Bali’s crystal blue waters, you know this to be true. These stunningly clean and clear waters are home to over 950 species of reef fish, and they can be home to you for as long a vacation as you like.

8. Coffee Lovers Welcome

Though fish and rice are major Balinese exports, Bali’s main focus is coffee production! The locals dish out a sweeter, sometimes citrus flavored organic coffee that is certain to give any java lover the ultimate caffeine fix.

9. Safety First!

After facing turmoil in 2002 and 2005, the Balinese have worked diligently to restore the peace and safety they strive for as people. Bali is now an extremely safe island with fewer and fewer difficult encounters for tourists each year.

10. Feel the Tranquility

Over 93% of the Balinese population practices Hinduism, and with it comes a slew of temples, giving the island yet another nickname: the “Island of a Thousand Temples.” There are so many, the government no longer attempts to count them, and some even suspect that there are more temples than homes. That being said, it’s pretty easy to assume any trip to Bali will be filled with peace and tranquility, and plenty of religious celebrations and festivals to witness or take part in.

You’ve heard our reasoning! We think Bali is an easy decision; what about you?

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