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Ten Interesting Facts about Finland

Here are ten interesting facts we collected for you about Finland, which we bet you probably have never heard before:

1. Finland has a wife carrying championship.
 Wife carrying is a sport in which the males compete in a race whilst carrying a female teammate through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The prize depends on the wife’s weight in beer.

2. Finland is the only country in the world which broadcasts news in Latin.

3. Finland has two official languages – Finnish and Swedish.
The native language of 90% of the population is Finnish; while Swedish is the native language of 5.4% of the population.

4. Finland is the home of the Santa Claus.
Santa has his office in the North of Finland, on the Arctic Circle.

5. Finnish children don't start school until they are 7.
And they are not measured at all for the first six years of their education.

6. Teachers typically spend about four hours a day in the classroom, and are paid to spend two hours a week on professional development.
It’s more difficult getting into teacher education than law or medicine.

7. The amount you get fined for speeding on the roads in Finland depends on the amount you earn.

8. There are 1.8 million saunas in Finland.
 The sauna experience is considered a necessity in Finland for well-being. Prisoners are allowed to use the sauna once a week.

9. Land of the midnight sun.
Not only is Finland known as the land of a thousand lakes, it is also called the Land of the midnight sun. During the months of June and July the sun shines all day and all night in the north, not dropping below the horizon at all.

10. Finland probably holds the world record for hosting world championships. 
Finland holds world championships for wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, mosquito catching, swamp soccer, boot throwing and air guitar.
In addition to the above interesting facts, Helsinki – the capital has also been named Design Capital 2012. To celebrate this title, Helsinki will hold many festivals and events throughout the whole year.

Well, that's our ten there. Do you have any other interesting facts to share about Finland? Please do so in the comments section.



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