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10 Interesting Facts about Portugal

Portrait of Portugal FlagPortugal is one of the best value destinations on the continent offering outstanding landscape diversity as well as glamorous beach holidays destination. Below, we have collected 10 interesting facts about Portugal:

1. Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries.
 -  Portuguese is the official language of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Portugal, and Principe.

2. Oldest country in Europe. It also has the oldest Bookstore in the World.
 -  Portugal has had the same defined frontiers/boundaries since 25 July, 1139 – making it the oldest nation in Europe. The oldest bookstore in the world, Bertrand is also in Portugal.

3. Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe.
 -  The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is the longest in Europe, measuring 17 kilometres (10.5 miles).

4. Largest Cork producer.
 -  Portugal produces 70% of the world’s cork exports, making it the largest cork producer in the world. It also has the largest cork forest.

5. First colonial power to abolish slavery.
 -  Portugal abolished slavery – half a century before Britain, France, Spain or the US – in 1761.

6. World’s first commercial wave farm.
  -  Portugal established in 2006 the world’s fast commercial wave farm – the Agucadora Wave Park – to produce electricity.

7. Has largest casino in Europe.
  -  Estoril Casino, situated on the outskirts of Lisbon is the largest gambling outlet in Europe.

8. It is illegal to kill a bull in Portuguese bullfighting.
 -  Although bullfighting is legal in Portugal, actually killing the bull during the show is illegal.

9. Portugal was known as Luisitania.
 -  In Roman times, Portugal was called Luisitania.

10. Main religion in Portugal is Roman Catholic.
 -  Over 95% of the population practice Roman Catholicism.

 What else can you add about Portugal? Share it with us in the comments section.

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