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Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Visit an Island!

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Islands are small, but that does not mean that there is not a plethora of activities to do while there. But don’t get lulled into the idea that each island is the same, either. Each island – whether it’s in the Pacific or Atlantic – has its own culture and feel. So I challenge you to visit an island, any island, this New Year! (As a side note: they’re also great places to escape the cold of the winter season.)

Hawaiian islands

This famous string of islands in the Pacific is best known for its volcanic activity. In fact, the islands were created from volcanic activity- over time, the various underwater volcanoes built up the islands to what they are today. The best part? The islands still aren’t finished. The volcanoes on the islands, especially on the Big Island, are still active. Visiting these island-shapers is a must when you’re on Hawaii- it was on the top of my list when I finally got there!

Fiji islands

This small collection of islands near Australia is an exotic destination that reaches the top of anyone’s list. With over 330 smaller islands around the main island of Fiji, this destination will not fail to entertain. The water in the Fiji islands is absolutely stunning, and you cannot help yourself from spending time in it- or above it. Kayaking in the Fiji waters is spectacular and lovely. The peaceful waters make it perfect for this activity, and the clear quality of the water enables you to see almost to the sandy bottom.


Jamaica in the Caribbean is one of the most colourful islands, in a region where each island is colourful in its own way. The birthplace of Bob Marley and reggae, Jamaica is a great combination of beautiful sandy beaches and cool rainforests. There is always something to do on this island, whether it be laying on the beaches, hiking through the forests, trekking to a waterfall or swimming with dolphins, Jamaica will always promise to be a great holiday spot!

These three that I have highlighted is barely the tip of the iceburg. In the Hawaiian and Fiji islands alone there are a plethora of islands to discover, with their own distinct histories, traditions and cultures. The same goes for the Caribbean islands. Jamaica is just one in a whole line of beautiful islands, each with something unique to offer. Wherever you decide to go, I promise you will not be disappointed!

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