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Why Travel Insurance is Mandatory

Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad is still a big deal, even today when it is so commonplace. Vacationers will research and make the most painstaking plans about what they will visit; where they will stay; the activities they will undertake and the tours they will get on. They make contingency plans for funds, should they over spend on the budget.

Yet one of the most important aspects of travel is very often neglected. That piece of the travel package is insurance. For many prospective tourists it does not even enter into their thinking.  They do not cover themselves especially at a time, when more and more travelers are planning daring and adventurous overseas trips involving risky activities.

Every year millions of people are travelling abroad for a variety of reasons – vacations, study, work, business and sightseeing. Yet they assume that there will be no problems and that the trip will be trouble-free. Any one of a hundred things can go wrong when travelling abroad.

There are a host of reasons why you should take out travel insurance when travelling abroad. They could range from small yet important inconveniences to medical problems. You should make sure you buy comprehensive travel insurance because it provides the most effective cover in case your property is lost or stolen or you get injured or sick while you’re abroad.  Effective travel insurance may be the safety net that could save you in the event of unfortunate and unforeseen incidents or accidents while far from home.

One of the most common problems is the loss of valuables. For a variety of reasons things such as cameras, mobile phones and wallets get lost or stolen. Lost luggage by airlines is another common occurrence. Do not depend on airlines to compensate you for losing your luggage.  Legally airlines only have to pay per kilo of lost luggage. That does not mean that the value of your belongings will be compensated.

Another high risk possibility is a medical emergency either from an accident or from an existing condition. Medical treatment abroad can be expensive. A good insurance policy could save you spending a small fortune in such an event. Whether you are travelling on business or pleasure you do not want the trip ruined by illness and huge medical bills.

A good travel insurance policy should cover the following possibilities:

•    Medical and injury cover
•    Accidents
•    24 hour emergency assistance
•    Lost and stolen belongings
•    Cancellation of your trip
•    Bad weather
•    Strikes
•    Terrorism coverage
•    Cover for the entire duration of your trip

When looking for a good travel policy – find the right product rather than a cheap one. It might not be worth the initial saving. Older travelers may be taking a huge chance if they do not buy travel insurance. Studies show that one in ten of them don’t take any insurance at all. Many people deeply regret not taking out travel insurance. Don’t wind up being one of them.

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