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We’re funny (usually), controversial (sometimes) and insightful (always!). Our travel experts share their experiences below in hopes of hearing back from YOU. So read, comment and enjoy!
He looks right into my eyes with his soulful browns, rippling muscles, dressed only in a small loin cloth. "I want to take you to a secret place high in the rainforest" he says "we can make a hammock from the vines." His voice is so sultry, so sexy. But no, I can't. Yes, it sounds like paradise, but I am here with my new husband on honeymoon, and he is waiting for me. "I’m so sorry I need to go." He looks sad for a moment then says "okay, but please let me walk with you to keep you company." We stroll in the scorching heat, passing all sorts of wild and crazy animals. We walk for miles and eventually reach my partner standing beside a huge castle. My tall, dark stranger turns to me and whispers in my ear, "maybe tomorrow you will return? Balou was looking forward to meeting you and we really need a hand to stitch that hammock." I replied, "we'll see, Tarzan - I still haven't seen Tigger yet, so that’s tomorrow's goal." I turn to my husband with freshly dripping ice cream in his hands and think to myself, "I love Disneyland…"